A flying experience for young and old!

The Skylon Flyer is built around the principle that flying is fun for everyone, appealing to both young and old, a viewing point. Up to 24 passengers per ride board double open air seats that are deep walled and fitted with double seat belts that include an "in between the leg harness" that can only be unlocked by the operator. After being secured all the seats lift into the air, begin to spin and are taken to a height of 40 meters, treating riders to 2 minutes of sweeping views of the ocean and skyline. The Skylon Flyer is therefore a great combination of attractions, serving not only as a flat ride, but also as an observation tower and destination icon.

Mechanically, the Skylon Flyer is very reliable. A rig holding 24 seats attached by chains runs up and down a vertical tower. The vertical movement is provided by a large electric motor which operates much like a passenger elevator, utilizing a counterweight and failsafe brakes. The ride can either be manually controlled or run from a pre set program. A ground area of 18.5 x 18.5 meters is required with an electric power of 120kW. A mobile crane and approximately 5 hours is used for setup. The ride is fully mobile therefore will not leave any lasting damage.

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A few things

Can anyone fly with the skylon flyer?

Our flyer is built for young and old people alike, so there are no age or height restrictions. Children under the age of six should be accompanied by an adult.

What should I wear? Can I lose shoes or other items?

The skylon flyer does not require special clothing. You can even board the flyer in your swimming clothes, although the plastic seats may become hot during the hours of sunshine. We therefore recommend wearing comfortable clothes and closed shoes. If you are wearing flips flops or sandals, you can deposit them with our staff during your flight.

Do I need to book in advance?

Is is perfectly fine to buy your tickets on site before you board the star flyer. We do not offer an online ticket sale, but your tickets bought on site are also valid on other days and can be transferred (i.e. you can give them to someone as a present)